You will need an ESP32 or ESPC3 board for this project and a OpenTX or EdgeTX supported radio.

There are Many... ESP32 based boards out there that will work for this. Here is my current recommendation. The only ones that have code pre-compiled and are tested are the,

  • Wroom32

  • Pico

  • C3-Mini

I would currently pick this board until there is a better choice out there. It has worked flawlessly especially with updates. On this one flashing has not required me to press the Boot Button. This is a problem to press, especially if it's mounted inside a case. Others don't seem to want to do this automatically, they may not have the hardware required. This will require the boot button to be accessible.

ESP32 C3 Mini Module. RISC-V based board. w/BT5.0 and WIFI

There are two versions of most ESP32 boards available. The versions that end in U have an external antenna. Please read Wiring for more information.

Available from all your favorite suppliers. Digikey, Farnell, Newark, Mouser, etc...

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