There are two issues to figure out still before I can post Release 1.0. The first release is Version 0.9, close but has some issues still. There will be some issues, please add them to the Github issues page so we can track them down and improve. Releases available here. Please monitor Github Actions for development versions.

You will need to get the Firmware onto your ESP Board. To Download from Github actions, navigate here. Github actions automatically compiles every change to the source code to make testing and verification easy. If you want to test out a particular change you can by doing this.

Navigate to Actions Tab on Github

Choose the Commit (A Commit is a modification to the code) to test - Can pick most recent if unsure - Make sure there is a Green Check box meaning it compiled successfully or there will be no artifacts to download

After you pick a commit make a note of what is shows here, In this example it's a build from the joystick branch. You would pick this one for using the module as a Bluetooth joystick.

Choose to Download the Artifacts - This is the binaries for all supported boards Note: on this page it doesn't show "Joystick" like above, that means it's from the main github tree.

Flashing Method 1 - Use ESPHome-Flasher

You can download it here grab the most recent release.

Pretty straight forward in this app, pick your port. Select the firmware.bin file and click go.

Flashing Method 2 - ESP Flash Tool

Download ESP Flash Tool

Open in develop mode, Choose the Correct ChipType here

  • Pico and Wroom Boards - Choose ESP32

  • C3Mini Boards - Choose ESP32C3

Setup like the following photo,

  • Pick the correct subfolder from Artifacts .zip file for your board. Shown here with the C3Mini

  • Change the COM port to the correct one for your board.

  • If you get programming errors try a lower baud rate e.g. 460800

  • If it won't start try holding the boot button. Press the EN/Reset button once. Then release the boot and try again. This should put it into bootloader mode

Choose Start.


You can open the COM port in a terminal of your choice you should see some debugging output. This output is going to be very helpful if you have an issue. Please include it in a .txt file if you need to make an issue on github.

Port settings are,

  • Baud 115200

  • DataBits 8

  • Parity None

  • StopBits 1

  • FlowControl None

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